Natural Cures for Migraines

Natural Cures for Migraines


Manage and prevent migraines with natural health therapies.

As any migraine sufferer will tell you there’s few pains worse than a serious migraine, put simply the pain is excruciating, its a type of pain only a migraine sufferer can truly appreciate.

Migraine headaches in many instances render the victim totally helpless. Just walking or even breathing hurts, even subtle stimuli such as any slight noise or light can be totally unbearable, to say migraine headaches is a serious debilitating illness is a serious understatement.

Of course there are a number of prescription medicines which can alleviate the symptoms of migraine headaches, but many have a ‘knockout affect’ and render the patient a virtual vegetable for many hours. To make the situation worse, medical practitioners which prescribe these medications openly admit that such medicines can contribute to the migraine roller coaster affect where the drugs themselves contribute to future migraines.

Typically migraines are particularly prevalent to those with a highly driven and goal orientated personalities who push themselves beyond their physical limits which often results in the ‘crash’ which is then followed by the onset of a migraine attack. Often the migraine sufferer is perpetually ‘on the edge’ of a migraine and all that is needed to push the sufferer to tipping point is a ‘migraine trigger’.

Some natural health therapies work particularly well at treating migraine headaches by not only treating any nutritional or chemical deficiencies the body may have which makes the sufferer more susceptible to migraine attacks but will also educate the sufferer in identifying their own habits, attitudes and thoughts which in many cases can be an underlying cause for the migraine attacks.

Some of the most effective natural health therapies for the treatment of migraine headaches are naturopathy, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and nutritional therapy.

Though to better understand the dynamics of a migraine and how a migraine manifests symptoms within the sufferer, one needs to understand how the body reacts to extreme and often prolonged emotional and/or physical stress. The most common scenario is that the sufferer is already in a peaking state of emotional and/or physical stress to the point where all that is needed is ‘the trigger’ which can be a huge number of things. An emotional event or a sudden change in emotional state, a smell, a taste even something as simple as a certain color of light or frequency of sound can act as the trigger which can make it all the more frustrating to pinpoint what the trigger actually is.

Typically a migraine is caused when blood vessels shrink in the brain due to stress or anxiety or even through exhaustion, this shrinking of the blood vessels in the brain restricts the normal flow of blood to the brain. Finally when the person relaxes or experiences a mood change often caused by the ‘trigger’ the blood vessels dilate and the walls of the blood vessels swell. Soon after the brain releases a stress enzyme and then the pain of the migraine quickly follows.

Far better than treating a migraine at the onset or after a migraine has taken hold, it is much more effective to prevent migraines from happening altogether. Of course this is easier said than done!


Many medical practitioners look to identify the migraine trigger, although far easier than identifying the actual trigger which sets off a migraine, it can be far more effective to train oneself to adopt a healthier attitude to ones own personal goals and expectations and maybe ‘re-focus’ and re-prioritize the things that really matter in ones own life like their own health and well being. Keeping personal goals in perspective and maybe reducing workload and lessen self driven and often unrealistic expectations can do wonders in reducing personal stresses which can place the sufferer ‘in the zone’ where a migraine trigger is all that is needed to set a migraine off.

By identifying negative emotions and unrealistic expectations of oneself and then changing these thought patterns which lead to these emotions and self imposed performance pressures you can begin to keep everything in perspective and maintain a much more relaxed and realistic outlook. By doing this a person can effectively take away a large portion of the migraine cycle,this keeps a persons body and mind from entering the ‘migraine trigger zone’ and therefore greatly lessens the frequency and intensity of migraines and can in some instances eliminate migraines altogether.

Of course this can all take a great deal of self analysis but the results are a greatly reduced dependence on potent tranquilizers and harsh medications which can place the sufferer on a perpetual migraine roller coaster.

Still if a migraine does takes place there are several methods to relieve a migraine which are very effective especially if you can catch a migraine at the onset stage.

Try not to give in to a headache to quickly as this will over relax the blood vessels and increase the ebb and flow of the migraine, also fresh air, strong coffee taken with your prescription medicine, head massage and a warm heat pack to the back of the neck will help to restore normal circulation and help relieve pain. Rubbing peppermint oil on the temples will also help relieve migraines at the onset stage.

Looking at nutrition can also help the sufferer to prevent migraines, a diet high in vitamins, minerals and various sources of proteins will strengthen the body’s circulatory system and make a person less prone to migraines. If the person has a vitamin or mineral deficiency which can be often caused by stress, the body will become that much more prone to migraine attacks in the future.

For migraine sufferers, the use of a combination of treatments and natural health therapies and prescription medicine together with effective stress management techniques yield the best results.

As always it is always wise to check with your doctor before taking supplements while taking prescription drugs or drastically changing your diet.


There has been an increasing acceptance of Natural Health Therapies over recent years over more modern medicine which many believe rely too heavily on harsh prescription drugs which in many cases disrupt many of the body’s natural processes and as a result present unwanted and sometimes serious side affects.

I there is one aspect of Natural Health Therapies which is often overlooked, is that most forms of Natural Medicine focus on the cause of any illness rather than the symptoms themselves. Also many Natural Therapies such as Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Health Nutrition focus on the prevention of ailments and illnesses just as much as the cures.

Like the old adage goes, ‘An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!’

It’s for this very reason that Natural Health Therapies and Natural Health Remedies are so effective as a form of medicine as they focus more on the prevention of health conditions than more modern form of medicine.

The Very Real Benefits of Natural Health Therapies

Many forms of Natural Health Therapies and Medicines have the very real benefit of working in harmony with the human body’s natural systems and therefore very rarely present any noticeable side affects so ongoing treatment as a preventative measure is not only a safe practice, but highly recommended.

Many natural health therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have been practiced, tested and perfected over a thousands years. So the fact that these alternative medicines are still practiced is a testament to the fact that they are not only safe but work!

Though probably the best form of preventative medicine is Natural Health Nutrition, as many of the illnesses and ailments we are likely to face are likely to be caused by poor diet and nutrition. With today’s fast paced modern lifestyle we are consuming more ‘convenience’ foods than ever. Typically convenience foods such as take away, chips, biscuits, ready made snacks are high in salt, fat, sugar and artificial colors and preservatives as well as generally offering little nutritional value.

Such foods which I like to call ‘Dead Foods’ include, cheap takeaway meals, frozen pizzas, pies and pasties, potato chips, biscuits, novelty breakfast cereals, soft drinks, 2 minute noodles and quick cook packet pasta with artificial cheese sauce, all not only provide little nutritional value, are full of salt and sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

‘It’s little wonder that regularly eating such foods has been proven to contribute to many common illnesses and ailments people suffer from everyday.’

Of course it would be silly to blame bad eating habits and inadequate diet alone to be the only factor which contributes to ill health. Genetic predisposition to many ailments can also be a determining factor when looking to prescribe preventative measures to any potential illnesses as any Holistic Therapist will tell you.

Natural Health Therapists empower patients through Education

Overall its encouraging to see that general attitudes are changing and that people today see Natural Health Therapies and natural health practitioners as a valuable resource to not only health and well being, but also good health education.

It’s only common sense to realize that for a person to better prevent illness as well as to more effectively apply treatment, a persons understanding and education of Natural Health Remedies and Therapies are essential. It’s through understanding and therefore better appreciating how natural remedies and therapies work, you will get a better appreciation of them and be that much more consistent with their application.

Natural Health Therapies – A Lifestyle Choice for the whole family

Many Nutritionists and Natural Health Therapists will tell you, if you don’t make time to become healthy you will have to make time to be ill!

Therefor in many respects, adopting Natural Health Therapies such as nutritional therapy is a lifestyle choice which will have a positive affect on the whole family. That’s not to say you will never have to make an appointment with your family doctor again. But rather by introducing Natural Health Therapies to your family, your loved ones will ultimately get less sick less often as well as relying less on potent and often harsh prescription and over the counter medicine which all to often works in opposition to the human body’s natural systems.

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