Embrace Health and Wealth with Healthy People Co.

Embrace Health and Wealth with Healthy People Co.

Because our nutritional supplements work so well, success can be achieved from the start as the products literally sell themselves. Healthy People Co. Multinivel (Multi-level) imparts the opportunity to become an Independent Distributor. Translation… you purchase products at WHOLESALE prices and sell them at RETAIL prices. Direct profit is automatic! Embrace the Wellness Revolution with Healthy People Co., Click Here to watch Paul Zane Pilzer’s video for a better perspective. Compare the benefits you stand to gain, Healthy People vs. Your Company JOB (Click Here).

In addition, distributors who invite other individuals to join the company generate RESIDUAL INCOME and acquire additional compensation paid by Healthy People Co. What is residual income? A form of income that includes earnings generated when you are not “clocked-in” and actually working. This is money earned while you are asleep, at the beach, on vacation, or working your other job, and is based on the sells percentage of your down-line (distributors whom you enroll/sign-up as Healthy People Distributors).

Distributor Kit $60 (+ tax)

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Acquire up to 100% commission and EARN MONEY while you work a full-time or part-time job, while you sleep, or while you are on vacation!
  • Begin your own business and be your own boss!
  • Arrange your own schedule and work from home allowing more time to spend with your family!

    No experience necessary! Membership is $60 (+ tax) and includes:
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  • 1 Company Bag and T-shirt
  • 1 DVD and Healthy People Co. Catalog
  • 1 Distributor Price List and Product Brochures
  • 2 FREE products- Everlax ($23 price value) and the Green Oxygen ($23 price value)

Request Distributor Information and Application (Click Here)

NOTE: An application packet must be completed once you place an order for a distributor kit. During the ordering process, please be sure to provide your current contact and address information so that we may contact you with additional information.