Passive Income or Making without Effort – Financial Portal

Each of us dreams of earning without a job. We could ride around the world at this time, get up at the time that suits us best and spend a lot of time with our family. However, as we are well aware of this, only few people can afford such a life. But if they can, then we can. It is certainly not easy, it requires a lot of work, financial commitment and some luck at the beginning. Below are some examples of passive income, i.e. earning without any effort.

  • Real Estate – many people invest in real estate, because, as they say, the best way to invest. In addition to the value of owning flats or houses, we can earn them in a passive way. We simply rent them out to others. People who live in our real estate, pay us money every month, which is our income. The more real estate we have, the more income we can get from rent each month. Of course, the rental also involves costs, but the profits are usually quite large.
  • Own products – if we have any artistic skills, we can write a book, record songs, publish an e-book or other such product. If he sells well, we will be able to profit from it by doing nothing. Today, it is so much easier that reaching the customers is facilitated by the Internet network, which has already practically covered the whole world with its “tentacles”.
  • MLM or network marketing – this is quite a controversial way to passive income, because not everyone supports and accepts it. At the very beginning of building your sales structure, we have to spend a lot of time and energy, but later if it is well-developed and effectively worked, we can “let go” and count only the money that affects our account.
  • Interest on a bank deposit – a good option for those who have very large capital and are not advocating aggressive investment. By depositing money into the bank and creating a deposit, we can be sure that, firstly, the deposited funds will not be lost, and secondly, that the bank owes interest always pays us. The disadvantage of living with interest is the fact that interest rates on deposits are not very high and therefore we must have a lot of them so that our income is sufficient.
  • Pension – say someone who is a passive income, since we have worked on her whole life. And in a sense, it is true. But if we take into account the uniformed services, it turns out that you can retire at the age of 40 or less, and on our account will appear quite a large sum, for which you can live peacefully.
  • Blog or website – the development of the Internet network meant that we can earn today when we have blogs or websites. Of course, at the beginning of their creation, we have to spend a lot of time, but then the income from them can be quite interesting. We can make money on the website and on blogs by placing ads or sponsored articles on them. Through them, we can also sell various types of products or services and receive a commission for it,
  • Dividends from shares – people with considerable capital, can invest in buying shares on the Stock Exchange, and then rely on the fact that after the end of the financial year they will pay dividends. On the Polish stock market, this may not be so popular, but in Western European countries or the USA, virtually every company listed on the stock market pays dividends in the event of a profit.
  • Copyright revenues – by publishing a book, writing lyrics, etc., we have the right to profits from the so-called royalties. The same is true when it comes to creating a computer or telephone software. For example, we are entitled to the money when the radio stations play the song to which we have written the text, or the publisher pays us money for each prince sold.

Of course, there are still thousands of other ways to passive income. Everyone can make money in a different way. However, we must be aware of the fact that in order to get such income, we must devote a lot of time and effort to create something that will later earn on us. Another alternative is to have a lot of capital, which should be invested in the right way. Later, however, we can lead a quiet and lazy life, getting income without our efforts.