Plus Flat – Starting A New Program – Deposits, Bank Accounts, Loans




Buying an apartment for many modern families is a challenge. Especially in financial terms. What’s more, many young people can not afford to rent a flat, because the fees that are associated with it are extremely high, especially in big cities. With the help for those looking for their own apartment, there are also banks that for people who apply for a loan for the purchase of real estate, are increasingly demanding. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large part of young people, lives with their parents, because simply for financial reasons, they can not afford an independent life.

To facilitate renting or buying a flat, the Government has introduced a new Mieszkanie Plus program . By definition, it is to be a support for those who earn too much to get a communal flat, but at the same time their earnings do not allow renting or obtaining a mortgage. This program is to be financed from the state budget, European funds and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The main premise of the Mieszkanie Plus program is the construction of cheap apartments for rent, with the possibility of their later purchase. Apartments are to be available throughout the country. They will be built in public areas that belong to the State Treasury or subsidiaries. According to the Government’s assurances, the program will be able to benefit mainly medium-income large families. Housing has to be enough, that everyone who needs it will be able to use it.

The government predicts that flats will be built in blocks with a maximum of 3 floors. There will be no underground parking lots in them, only parking spaces in front of the building. They are to be two-, three- and four-room apartments of medium standard.

As for the planned construction costs, they can not exceed PLN 3,000 for one square meter. The amount of rent to be paid by the landlords is to range from PLN 10 to 20, depending on the region. You can also choose the option of renting with the right to acquire rights to an apartment, then the price will increase from 12 to 24 PLN per square meter. The first buildings are to be ready in 2017, however, the first transfer of premises is scheduled for 2018.


Applications for housing from this program can be submitted to local governments. It is they who set the basic criteria according to which a list of people who qualify for the program will be created.

Will Mieszkanie Plus make revolutions on the Polish real estate market? Opinions on this subject are divided. Some say that it is impossible to build flats with a decent standard after such costs, others that the program will limit professional activity, because it will not be profitable to work. And yet others are of the opinion that the perfect solution that will become a flywheel for the Polish economy. However, to check how the program actually works, you have to wait a few years and only then will you know if this program has fulfilled its role or if it was a big dud.