Requirement for Financing





To ask for the most common financing that they ask for, as for any official procedure, they are receipts. You must provide both your personal address and that of the company. This in order to gather enough information to prove your identity.



According to the banking institution, the application forms are different. They can become extensive and repetitive. Usually they ask you to fill in your information again as owner and company. Some even require you to attach a specific plan for what you are asking for the credit for.



The RFC is basic, because in this way they know that your business is formalized. In addition, it is necessary for all those who perform any economic activity.


Accounting roles for your business


Accounting roles for your business

This requirement will also take much of your effort. Well, you need to present the finances of your company from a certain period of time to the present. This in order to check how much income you generate. Which can be decisive when approving your financing.

Constitutive act and legal power


With these documents verify that you are the owner of the company and have power over legal decisions. As well as signing documents of utmost importance.

Official identification


Clearly your official identification verifies your person, identity and signature.


Documents of your endorsement

Documents of your endorsement

It is necessary that you present the documents of the person who decided to be your endorsement. That is, the one that promises to answer for your company in case you do not comply with the relevant obligations.

Bank statements


All institutions ask you to review the financial movements of your business. That is why you must collect at least 12 months of account statements and deliver them.



Just as a guarantor answers for you, they need to make sure of other forms. They require that you leave a property or high value guarantee to cover financially if you do not.

Financial online

RFC and SAT Password


Since the process of functioning of online finance (fitnechs) is through high-tech tools. You only have to share your rfc and password of the SAT so they can do all the research. You should not be afraid because they are legally regulated to make the proper use of your information.

Constitutive Act


This also allows you to recognize yourself as the owner of the company to make legal decisions about it. And it counts as the general information of your business. Well, there is the name or company name as well as the way in which it was built.

Official identification


Provide your INE manages to verify your data, identity and that everything is appropriate and correct.
Now that you know more about what you need to apply for business financing, you can choose the one that suits you best. And above all be prepared for the process.

If you decide to choose a financial online do not forget to make sure they have the necessary regulations. This will make your experience totally positive.